Guild Members

Hello Kitty Club has been home to some of the best players in World Of Warcraft. Over the years many have come and gone or moved on from the game altogether, but there are still many that call HKC home. 

HKC Leadership

Hello Kitty Club is comprised of the Guild Leader, Raid Leader and 5 officers.


The Guild Leader works hand in hand with the guild in all aspects of day to day operations, assists with recruiting and social media outreach, and after officer core advisement acts as the final say in guild decisions.

The Raid Leader serves as second in command for guild decisions as well as the organization and leadership of the guild raid team. 


The Officers serve the guild in all aspects varying from raid leadership to monitoring the guild bank. If you ever have a question about the guild, these guys have the answer. They have many years of Warcraft logged in-game and are true masters of their respective classes. 

HKC Membership

Hello Kitty Club has deep membership built over a decade and as such there are many that call HKC home in World of Warcraft.


Comprised primarily by our Raider Kitty rank, these players make up the core active roster of the guild and participate in Heroic and Mythic activities. Members at this rank have guild bank access via officer request as well as guild bank repairs.


Being a member of our community means you are always welcome in Hello Kitty Club. Our Casual Kitty rank is comprised of retired raiders, players taking a break from the game, and friends/family members that want to be a part of our community.