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Guild Master: Aurongodx

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Raid Leader: Teed

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Recruitment Officer: Laetus

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Guild History

Hello Kitty Club was formed December 14th, 2006 from an idea that Melona had to create an alt & pvp guild for their raiding guild Unleashed. During the summer of 2007, HKC was converted into one of the most dominant raiding guilds on Akama consisting of some of its best pvp players on the realm and transfers from the Azshara server.

Guild Masters

Aurongodx | 2013-

Beastcloud | 2011-2012

Warant | 2010-2011

Aurongodx | 2008-2010

Melona | 2006-2008

Burning Crusade & WotLK  The Melona/Aurongodx Years


During the summer of 2007, a guild from the Azshara server decided to transfer to Akama with the hopes of better raid progression on a higher population realm. The initial guild they formed was Recently Bandaged and it had little to no success raiding tier 5 content and fell apart shortly after creation. With the members having no place to go, Melona and Soulsphere saw this as an opportunity to turn her alt & PVP guild into something more. She recruited the members of the failed guild and made Aurongodx, Soulsphere, and Meowmimi officers. Hello Kitty Club as a raiding guild was born.


HKC had immediate success in early tiers of the content due to its raid leader, Khimaru having had experience in guiding raid groups through the boss encounters. However due to out of game circumstances, Khimaru departed shortly after HKC downed Morogrim Tidewalker in Serpent Shrine Cavern. Aurongodx was the next choice as raid lead and his obscure boss strategies (spamming the S key on Leotheras the Blind) along with his laughable rants that would go on in Ventrilo over wipes, made him quite a force to be reckoned with. Hello Kitty Club tore through content catching up to other top guilds on the server, becoming one of the few guilds on Akama to down Lady Vashj and Kael'thas Sunstrider. In preparation for Tier 6 content, HKC began attuning new members of the guild to Hyjal and Black Temple. This meant that HKC "purchased" raid lockouts from lesser progressed guilds in order to get Vashj and Kael kills without having to do the other bosses. There was never a dull moment during these and sadly this resulted in guild drama over who should get loot drops ultimately breaking lesser guilds apart. 


Progression through tier 6 content was very steady early on and HKC downed the first 4 bosses in Mount Hyjal with little to no resistance. Archimonde would prove to be one of HKC's hardest foes in its history. Taking little over a month of solely working on Archimonde before finally downing him. Everything was on the table for this boss, HKC attempted multiple strats...some which proved questionable from tanking Archimonde under the World Tree to the whole raid spreading out on the side of the mountain to avoid the unpredictable fire spawns. One strategy was borderline bannable requiring the entire raid to stand on a wooden log laying before Archimonde dubbed the "Log Strat". Ultimately, the time it took to clear all of Black Temple including killing Illidan Stormrage took less time than it took to just down Archimonde. HKC became the second guild on Akama to down Illidan Stormrage. Along with the first guild on Akama to get a Warglaive, of which the guild managed to complete 2 sets of Warglaives for rogues Duckeh and Cassindra.  Shortly after HKC’s first Illidan Stormrage kill, Melona decided to step down as Guild Master and she pasted the power to Aurongodx.


During Sunwell content, Hello Kitty Club wanted to cement its place at the top of Akama raid progression by starting off fast and ruthless. On its first 2 nights of attempts facing Kalecgos, HKC put forth an amazing effort and a total of 56 attempts, achieving a server second kill. Brutallus proved to be a large step up in difficulty. With the dps boost of having not one but two Warglaive rogues, HKC managed to achieve server second on Brutallus. Felmyst proved to be the first true roadblock, it required healing and coordination that overwhelmed the raid group. In turn, HKC had some of its best players to move on to further progressed guilds elsewhere. Hello Kitty Club was forced to rebuild its raid core and due to these circumstances the guild did not manage to down any of the other bosses in Sunwell until a content nerf. After the content nerf, HKC quickly cleared the rest of Sunwell before the upcoming expansion still managing a server second Kil’Jaeden kill.


With the release of Wrath of the Lich King, the basis of which raiding content had changed drastically. HKC rose to this challenge by clearing the first tier raids Sartharion, Naxxramas, and Malygos on both 10man and 25man versions. Hello Kitty Club completed all “hardmode” achievements for tier 7 content with the exception of the Immortal Title from 25man Naxxramas. To touch on the Immortal Title failure by Hello Kitty Club, let it be known that HKC failed this achievement FOUR separate times DURING the Kel'thuzad encounter. Aurongodx even managed to record one of the failed attempts which can be watched here


Tier 8 content released Ulduar and HKC completed both 10man and 25man variations along with many of its “hardmode” achievements in 10man and 25man. Most importantly, HKC completed the necessary requirements needed to craft the legendary healing mace for its restoration shaman Shebalo. Regarding Shebalo, she and Hello Kitty Club were also featured in the World Of Warcraft Magazine which ran an article about HKC's loot system. That article can be read here.


Tier 9 content brought even more raiding options introducing a 10man and 25man normal mode raid along with 10man and 25man heroic versions of Trial of the Grand Crusader, none of which shared a lockout. Hello Kitty Club completed both 10man and its heroic counterpart. However HKC never completed all of heroic 25man ToGC, leaving Anub’arak undefeated.


By the time Tier 10 was released with the Ice Crown Citadel, it now shared a lockout between normal and heroic versions due to the amount of burnout that guilds were receiving from Tier 9 content. Hello Kitty Club progressed slower than it had in past tiers through this raid instance and by the time they managed to defeat Sindragosa as well as defeat the Lich King on 10 man normal, Aurongodx decided it was time to step down from GM and pass leadership and raid leading roles to Warant.

WotLK & Cataclysm
The Warant/Beastcloud Years


Shortly after Warant assumed the role as Guild Master, Hello Kitty Club began to excel as it once did in the past by defeating the Lich King on 25man and eventually completing all but the Lich King on 25man Heroic. Various achievements were also accomplished in 25man as well as 10man, along with Warant, Menya and Luceous crafting the legendary weapon Shadowmourne during content. One last patch released before the end of this expansion which brought us the Ruby Sanctum and recording a server second Halion kill.


With the release of Cataclysm and the change to how content was released where both 10man and 25man would award the same item level loot and achievements, Hello Kitty Club struggled in the 25 man version and decided to become a 10man raiding guild managing to clear all the normal mode content of the Tier 11. However with the poor performance in the heroic versions of the encounters and only managing to defeat 1 boss on heroic, Warant decided that it was his time to retire from the game. With some consulting from Aurongodx, leadership of the guild was passed on to Beastcloud.  


Beastcloud managed to keep the guild afloat for long enough to see Tier 12 content be released being Firelands. However with its poor performance and only being able to successfully down 1 boss on normal mode, Hello Kitty Club officially boarded up its doors and went inactive. Let it be noted that HKC did not participate in Tier 13 content. Beastcloud retained Guild Master up until weeks prior to the launch of Mists of Pandaria.  However with a new “dethrone” option that was added to the game, the guild was taken from him and became dormant and useless for that point on.

Mists Of Pandaria
The Godx Returns


Aurongodx had returned to World Of Warcraft after taking an expansion off. Coming back at the end of Cataclysm, he joined up with a few of the orgnial core of HKC in a guild called "Learning Curve". This guild had a lot of sucess in 10 man content throughout Cataclysm, largely in part from what they learned in HKC during Burning Crusade and WotLK. With the end of Cataclysm, the core of Learning Curve decided to quit the game and left Aurongodx at the Guild Leader position once more. Aurongodx reached out to some old friends in the game and attempted to bring some old HKC members back into the raid scene for Mists of Pandaria. With limited success the group decided it would try its hand at being absorbed by the guild "Out of Pride". Unfortunately this did not work out either. Old Hello Kitty Club members were left at a crossroads on whether or not to transfer off Akama or stay and attempt to make something work. 


During these transitions, Hello Kitty Club laid dormant. Its current guild master, when active, refused to give ownership back to Aurongodx or Beastcloud and at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria he removed everyone but his personal friends from the guild. Once that owner went inactive during Tier 15 content, a random player in the guild named Eggers managed to dethrone the guild master and gain control. Eggers had been in the guild for years inactive and once in control he was trying to sell the guild for upwards of 150k gold on the Akama Forums. Aurongodx seized this moment to regain control of the guild he had helped build over the years and along with long time guild mate Thanos, Hello Kitty Club was purchased for a total of 20k gold with Aurongodx at the Guild Master position once again.

Mists Of Pandaria
The HKC Revival


In the weeks prior to the new patch, Aurongodx and officers had been busy mass recruiting and getting in touch with old contacts in order to try and throw something together for a raid group to tackle the new raid tier. HKC did manage to clear all of the 5.0 Tier 14 raid content (Mogu'Shan Vaults, Heart Of Fear, and Terrance of the Endless Spring) as well as the 5.2 Tier 15 raid content (Throne of Thunder) on normal mode difficulty.


During this time HKC looked to make a dent in the Challenge Mode area of progression. With the difficulty of Burning Crusade heroics coupled with a very tight timer, the original 5 man dungeons released with Mists provided to be a great place to fine tune ones skills when changed to this difficulty. Also with the in-game ability to keep track of the realm best times for completing the dungeons, this gave HKC a way to put itself back on the progression map. Hello Kitty Club completed all 9 challenge modes with gold metals and managed a total of 5 realm best times. Thanks can be given to Devotional for assisting members in the guild during runs and he completed hundreds of realm best times as ours have since been beaten. HKC was also only the second alliance guild to complete this feat with the first being Out Of Pride which was also completed with the same members in HKC.


Patch 5.4 really brought out the best Hello Kitty Club could offer given its current raiding roster and ability. This patch added a new raid difficulty called "Flex Mode" that HKC pursued as its main raiding progression for the first few weeks. Raiding Flex Mode allowed for current and new members of the guild to gear quickly while still progressing and learning fights on an easier scale of difficulty. Along with the ability to raid with any number of players at once between 10 and up to 25 people, the encounters adjusted in difficulty to the amount you brought to the instance. This allowed for quick gearing and exposure to encounters. The final benefit that HKC used to its advantage was the fact that you could invite members from across different realms to raid with you. This allowed for many interesting raid nights with random pugs to players that have come and gone over the guilds 6 year span of existence.


The raid that was added for tier 16 was Seige of Orgrimmar. This raid tier consisted of 14 bosses combining many different challenges that favored different raid compositions. Progressing though flex mode began smooth and had high turnout with the first boss kills consisting of 20+ HKC members in raid. Toward the end raid bosses the raid became smaller and we started forming a decent group that would then take into 10 man normal. Hello Kitty Club achieved a few server first boss kills on flex throughout progression and ended in 5th place server wide after downing Garrosh Hellscream.


Progressing though the 10 man normal difficulty of Siege of Orgrimmar started off slow and recruitment fell off as players began to go afk due to real life issues or otherwise. However, the ever so resourceful Aurongodx managed to start hunting for some old school raid talent. He stumbled across Rouk and he was looking to get back into raiding again. He and many of his friends transferred back to Akama to raid with HKC and thus the steam rolling of Siege of Orgrimmar began. Whereas before they had arrived, HKC had only managed to down 2 of the 14 bosses in the raid instance, afterward HKC downed 9 bosses in 9 days and soon after was second on the alliance side with only Garrosh Hellscream still standing. 


HKC decided to halt raiding through the holiday season of 2013 in order to spend time with family and friends. Even still, some players decided to get groups together during the time off and clear Mogu'Shan Vaults on Heroic difficulty. During this time the Akama server was merged with the horde dominated realm Dragonmaw in order to up total population. This did not bode well considering Alliance population was already in trouble on Akama.


After taking just over one month off from raiding, Hello Kitty Club wasted no time getting back into the swing of progression. With the raid starting to mesh well together as a team, in only two nights of attempts, HKC downed Garrosh Hellscream. HKC also began recording boss kills again and decided it was in the guilds best interest to start a guild forums for the place of discussing future guild recruits. Hello Kitty Club is currently progressing through Heroic Mode content in Seige of Orgrimmar and has also benefited from the realm merger of Dragonmaw, picking up a few new recruits. With the edition of an additional server merger, Mug'thol joined with Akama and Dragonmaw. This server had little to no benefit for alliance players, Mug'thol had an Alliance to Horde ratio of .02 to 1. Server imbalance was at its peak during this transition ruining the Alliance guild balance on Akama and Dragonmaw going forward.

Mists of Pandaria 
The HKC 25m Raid Resurgence


Shortly after the Mug'thol merger, the alliance as a whole on Akama and Dragonmaw were feeling the negative effects of being on the short end of a horde dominated stick. HKC had a successful 10 man raid progressing through Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar with the first 3 bosses down as well as placing third overall after completing all Heroic 5.0 content by going back and finishing Heroic Heart of Fear and Heroic Terrace of the Endless Spring. Due to faction imbalance, HKC decided it was in its best interest to return to a 25 man raid structure in order to keep alliance numbers static and help with recruitment. With blizzard releasing many catch up tools such as the purchase a level 90 and the free level 90 with a pre-order of the next expansion, many old school Hello Kitty raiders were returning to the game and our bench had just grown too large for 10m raiding.


After several weeks of scanning the available options on Akama and Dragonmaw for players willing to join with us to raid 25 man, HKC absorbed a guild called Sorrow. Along with other recruits, HKC managed to full clear 25 man Seige of Orgrimmar and become the first alliance guild on Akama/Dragonmaw/Mug'thol to record a 25 man Garrosh Hellscream kill! At the present time Hello Kitty Club has put 10m progression on hold and is striving to gear out returning players and work on 25 man heroics.


Over the next 8 weeks following the first 25m Garrosh kill, HKC managed to not only gear new players but progress at a steady rate downing at least one new heroic boss a week if not multiple heroic bosses. During April and May HKC managed server first alliance side heroic kills of Fallen Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride, Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, Kor'Kron Dark Shaman, General Nazgrimm, Malkorok, and Thok the Bloodthirsty. Let it be noted that clever use of game mechanics were involved in the first Nazgrimm and Thok kills (GG). Let it also be noted that during this time, Hello Kitty Club also obtained server second kills Lei Shen and Ra-den in 10m Heroic Throne of Thunder!


With the arrival of summer, a few members took vacations and/or went casual in preparation for Warlords of Draenor. Wildstar Online also released during this time and HKC lost a few members to that MMO. Nevertheless, Hello Kitty Club is currently still working on progressing though 25m Heroic SoO along with the sales of 25m Garrosh Normal kills to players that are less fortunate.

Mists of Pandaria
The Content Lull & WoD Prep


During the latter summer months, Hello Kitty Club experienced its first true "Burnout" since reforming. With patch 5.4 being the last content patch for the Mists of Pandaria expansion, many core raiders just got tired of raiding Siege of Orgrimmar for over a year. Even though HKC was steadily progressing, many players decided to take a much needed break from the game and go do other things. With many raiders still wanting to progress, Rouk formed a casual 10man Heroic SoO group that managed to clear up to the original 25m Heroic stopping point of Thok the Bloodthirsty. This however was short lived due to more core raiders needing to take leave from the game to handle real life events. 


One of the more interesting aspects of this content lull is that most of the core raid team decided to stick it out with HKC instead of move on to another guild or server. Given the fact that this content patch is the longest drought World of Warcraft has ever witnessed, this is a success in itself.


With the 6.0.2 Patch slated for an October 14th, 2014 release. Many players started to come back to the game and get back into the swing of things. With the implementation of the "Mythic Mode" difficulty in Siege of Orgrimmar, HKC went back in with 20 of its best to get the hard mode Garrosh kill. Officers of the guild then began liquidating most MoP items from the guild bank in order to stock pile gold for Warlords of Draenor. With raiding content not being available until 2 weeks after the expansion drops, it will be interesting to see what Hello Kitty Club is made up when up against some of the top Horde guilds not just on the server...but in all of World of Warcraft.

Warlords of Draenor
The Hype...Isn't Real


This expansion had a ton of hype. Blizzard went all out with the marketing on this one and in the beginning it worked. It worked so well Hello Kitty Club had so many returning players they had no idea what to do with them all. There were points at the beginning of the expansion where HKC would have 70-80 people online concurrently. Everything about the start of Warlords was fun and enjoyable. They really did front load the content however and as the months went on we began to realize that this was not all that it seemed.

Many old school players’ friends and family came and went. Aurongodx stayed on as GM and tanked for the beginning parts of Warlords. He began to go casual again as the expansion went on. Kynar rose up to become the new raid leader and eventually took on a much larger role as co-gm of HKC.

Alliance progression on the connected realms went as follows…

1. Hello Kitty Club

That’s it.

Sure there were guilds still putting along like Midnight Illusion and Weekend Warrior. HKC kept pace with all the horde guilds and their abundance of raiding potential that they had at their disposal. The thing about Warlords that really makes the expansion forgettable was that there were only two raid tiers. HKC would have players take months off at a time and come back thinking a new raid tier was out and instead they were met with the same Archimode clear that they had left with. Aurongodx had pretty much gone casual along with most of the guild toward the end of the expansion. A lot of our core had left the server in order to avoid the almost impossibly outnumbered world pvp that Blizzard had graced us with. 

Toward the end of the expansion talks of a guild transfer off server were going around. Aurongodx was obviously in the middle of the conversations and at the time he was adamantly against them. We were still living in a server pride world of the old days and Akama was the home for HKC. We kept telling everyone to keep hopes up it will get better people will come back yada yada yada all the same BS. Now we have been right in the past when it came to these sorts of things but I really was not expecting what happened at the beginning of Legion.

Back To The Basics

Who doesn’t love some Illidan imarite?!

The start of Legion was chaos basically because HKC was the only Alliance guild left on the connected realms worth a damn. Everyone left and right were jumping to get a spot. HKC had a surge of players come back to the game on top of that. Rouk and all his amazing bros came back to the guild as well. HKC had more players than we knew what to do with. Kynar Aurongodx and Veres talked about things we could do in order to keep this surge of player interest from getting bored and quitting again like what had happened last expansion.

Enter A Team and B Team

This was a solution that starting building momentum as the raid weeks went on. Basically at the start of Warlords we had a huge surge of players come back to the game. They would play through the quest line, do a couple of dungeons and then since we only had enough room for 30 raiders they would quit the game. This time around we made sure that was not going to happen. We easily managed to sustain 60+ raiders by having Kynar lead the “A Team” and Veres lead the “B Team”. 

At the time we felt that this was a defining moment for HKC. Somehow against all the odds that Blizzard stacked against us by making it impossible to recruit and forcing this whole notion down our throats that this was a “Horde Only” area…we still managed to build a thriving community. 

During Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor the main raid managed to stay at the top of server progression while our “B Team” raid kept players interested doing content and staying current on artifact weapons and gear level so they could be available to be called up if needed. 

Alas all good things must come to an end.

HKC grew to a point where we were basically two guilds raiding under the same roof. We had plenty of active players but were lacking the correct caliber of player needed to progress further and the main raid wanted to do just that. HKC did not blame them for faction changing and creating “For Boys”. We wished them luck and told them that we would always be available if they needed. There will always be those that hold grudges or have bad blood toward those that leave. 

No matter what the reasoning Blizzard will always be the one that benefits. 
It costs 25 dollars to perform a server transfer, 30 dollars to perform a faction change, and 35 dollar to perform a guild transfer. Blizzard has more to gain in driving server balance further apart than it does bringing them closer together. 

The secondary raid became the main raid and as the expansion has gone on the numbers have dwindled further and further. The game requires you to play in the open world. It is designed in a way promotes player interaction. I think this is a great idea but it also promotes server imbalance. No one is going to want to play on a server where they have to contend a quest area with 100s of the opposite faction. This leads to the player either re-rolling a character on a different server or throwing more money at Blizzard in order to play the game the way it is designed. 

Working as intended in Blizzards eyes.

                            The year is 2017
   Hello Kitty Club is transferring to Sargeras

Akama has been home to HKC for over 10 years. We have seen people that we have met in game grow up, graduate high school, college, get married, have kids…have their kids join the guild and play with us. We have all talked this over and if there is one thing I regret it is erasing the line I drew in the sand just a hair earlier so that the “For Boys” crew could have come along with us. 

We have been on this server through thick and thin…riding the waves on the Akama ship. However the Alliance ship has sunk, it is at the bottom of the ocean and there is no dragging the lifeless vessel back up to the surface. I had hoped to hold this off until after Blizzcon in hopes that maybe they would address some sort of balance to this terrible situation but with a new content patch coming out we have made the decision to leave in order to provide an inviting atmosphere for players to thrive in. 

Hell who knows maybe we will itch out a peace of that progression pie and give Midwinter a run for their money.

Blizzcon 2017


For the eleventh Blizzcon and after all of these years a good portion of the former and current guild roster met in Anaheim, California. The majority of the crew landed in Cali and we met up the day before the con. Many steps were walked over 3 days, we went to Disney for dinner and then proceeded to look our best dressed for the Thursday night festivities. Wowhead was throwing a VIP party at the Hilton which after cleaver use of game mechanics the HKC crew managed to all attend. Many drinks were had that night and for many of us the jet lag was 3+ hours added onto our day. The crew stopped by the convention center to pick up our goodie bags along with our passes and we managed to snag some great pics in the meantime.

After a few hours of sleep we all were ready for the Blizzcon gates to open Friday. We all managed to grab seats in the main hall for the opening ceremony and it was one of the most jam packed in terms of announcements. A new hearthstone expansion was announced, Hanzo and Alexstrasza were announced as new heroes for Heroes of the Storm, it was announced that Starcraft 2 and its expansion were now going to be free to play, and last but not least FINALLY Blizzard announced not only the development of the new expansion "Battle for Azeroth" but also that a classic Vanilla server option was in development. Day one was jam packed and the HKC crew spread out throughout the con checking out all it had to offer. Quests were set up all throughout the convention center at various booths and areas allowing you to acquire patches to decorate your goodie bag backpack, some easy to obtain and others proved near impossible. The ability to order Blizzcon exclusive items from the store was made easy by ordering through the blink store and picking up your purchases whenever it was convenient. With the exception of the Codecraft panel lines were not terrible. By the end of day one we had walked the convention center for miles visiting all the great booths and playing many new demos. Meeting up with Beastcloud for some Roso's chicken and waffles for dinner was just the icing on the cake. 

Day 2 of the con was way more relaxing. By this time everyone including Aurongodx pretty much knew the layout of the con and which events were most important to them to hit up. In the days prior Auron pretty much had no idea where anything was and got lost repeatedly. Without feeling rushed and with so much to witness we all jumped in lines wherever we could. Developer and voice actor signings had the longest line unless you were a Starcraft fan, they were pretty much just giving away signatures with no one lining up. The Overwatch arena was an amazing atmosphere to be apart of and congrats to South Korea for winning it all! The Hearthstone tavern was a really chill place even if you were not into the card game and along with the area they also had the new Razer phone available to demo and play Hearthstone on. The Warcraft Q/A was one not was of the greater ones. The questions were pre screened before being asked and were directed toward the new expansion with only two questions asked about server population imbalance and Warcraft Classic. Completing the quests to obtain all the con exclusive badges for you goodie bag meant you got to visit every booth and demo every Blizzard product hardly anything was looked over.

As day 2 came to a close a few of us filed in for the ending ceremony with Muse being the main event. It was lackluster to say the least, the main hall is just not designed for a concert performance and unless you are in the reserved sections in front of the stage you found yourself sitting in your chair watching the screen. We left early! Saying goodnight to Blizzcon we met up with the Life Sentence crew from Akama Horde and grabs some dinner at good ol Ihop. Talking with the guys in red and putting a face to a name after all these years was a great experience. We all shared our good times on Akama and hopefully it will see better days in the future. Back to the real world on Sunday as we all had flights to head back home. Do we say next year will be even a larger meet? We will just have to wait and see!   

Raiding on Sargeras


The Legion expansion was jam packed with raid content and after our server transfer from a low population realm cluster we were thrust into the middle of the progression pack on Sargeras. There are hundreds of active raiding guilds that were full of healthy raiders all looking to progress through content. Recruitment started slow given the high population, Sargeras is so saturated with guilds it is hard to stand out in the middle of the pack. The main draws that HKC had going for the guild was their friendly, active community and rich history. Players that had moved on from the guild many years ago that ended up on Sargeras saw the recruitment post spam began applying along with new players. 

Hello Kitty Club's core raid roster all made the move to Sargeras and progression through the raiding tiers of content went as expected. HKC managed to clear both Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras on Heroic Difficulty completing the Ahead of the Curve achievements while playing catch up in the Mythic category but still managed a solid performance finishing 4/10 in The Nighthold and 4/9 in the Tomb of Sargeras. Sadly HKC would not repeat its early Mythic Emerald Nightmare magic and not manage to complete another Cutting Edge guild raid achievement in Legion. 

The first real test of the guild on a high population realm would come with the final tier of content in Legion. Antorus, The Burning Throne and its content patch was the driving force that led HKC to transfer to Sargeras mainly due to traveling to the planet Argus and the entire zone being contested territory. Hello Kitty Club was the only alliance guild left on the Akama server cluster which was completed horde dominated, transferring to Sargeras meant we would join the PVP server that had the highest Alliance population in the NA region. This was a much needed change for the guild after many years of having to put up with being camped by horde in any contested area and led to an enjoyable questing experience for the remainder of the Legion.

Progression in Antorus went well with the combination of Teed and Laetus leading the raids along with Moghedain and Mapta tanking and Aurongodx filling in to tank occasionally. Hello Kitty Club managed to clear Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne and achieve the Ahead of the Curve for the content patch while finishing 5 out of 11 in the Mythic category. HKC managed to solidify its roster during this content patch after leading a successful recruitment campaign along with many old faces returning after the Battle for Azeroth announcement.

Battle for Azeroth
The Reset


Hello Kitty Club prepared well for this expansion. Laetus and Teed grew into their leadership roles with preparing the roster for the expansion. The guild sold many Ahead of the Curve Antorus runs managing to make a very large sum of gold. The expansion had been teased for almost a year and the hype really felt real this time. Orcs vs Humans, Horde vs Alliance, a calling back to the days of vanilla PVP, high bars were set by Blizzard to deliver in Battle for Azeroth. 

Before the expansion set dropped there was another great reset. The 8.0 patch and the stat squish. Gone were our powerful artifact weapon abilities and millions of damage and hit points. We basically were reset back to our Cataclysm stat levels and it felt worse given the class changes and most abilities getting put on the GCD. Couple that with a lackluster pre expansion event and the disgruntled player base was already sharpening the pitchforks. HKC took this time to recruit and call back to longtime players looking to get back into the game. Many main raiders that had been keeping up with class changes decided it would be best to swap characters due to nerfs to their current class.


This was the first launch night of a new expansion for HKC on a full population server and it was a disaster. Sargeras was down for many hours along with other full pop servers and for the first weeks following launch there were still many bugs that hindered game play. Many members in the guild were able to level to 120 within the first couple days. With Blizzard adapting the gated content formula from past expansion launches, HKC had a couple weeks to gear and farm for the first raid of BFA being Uldir. This expansion launched with many different systems for gathering gear and materials. Along with the standard Heroic and Mythic dungeons, we were also able to get gear from Island Expeditions and Warfronts. Our artifact weapons were replaced with The Heart of Azeroth necklace that will increase in power throughout this expansion. During this time Laetus was promoted to the status of Co-GM along with Teed resuming raid leader duties. 

Hello Kitty Club on Sargeras is in a very healthy state going into Battle for Azeroth. We have a very active community and many popular twitch streamers in guild to help keep track of our heroic/mythic raiding and mythic + progress. HKC will be back for Blizzcon 2018 and the group will be larger than ever! Many surprises lay just around the corner for HKC...

Blizzcon 2018


This marked the twelfth Blizzcon hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and HKC got off to an early start  coordinating our guild members for a larger than ever meet up. Jenn AKA Shebalo spearheaded those interested early on and the day ticket sales were announced started planning. Whereas last year HKC Blizzcon was a last minute occasion given most of us got tickets during a surprise third wave of sales, this year Auron and Shebalo already had hotel rooms booked before the first wave went live. 

The dreaded day arrived, May 9th. We had an entire discord full of folks desperately trying to get a queue to pop for their ticket purchases...only Lindsay AKA Shawnessy was successful. The max of four tickets could be purchased and all were claimed immediately. May 12, second and final wave proved to be our lucky night. Both Aurongodx and Someguy managed to acquire 8 tickets respectively allowing for our group to grow from four to twelve. Aurongodx, Veres, Shebalo, HungryYeti, Someguy, Awesomerogue, Drakeblade, and Jellyshaman claimed them all and our group was ready for the long wait till November 2nd.

Surprise! Blizzard decided that 35000 people at Blizzcon was not enough and decided on a third wave of ticket sales! The guild mobilized and Teed managed to acquire 4 more tickets which were all claimed by his fellow Canadians growing our group to a massive 16! This is more than double the turnout from last year and dare I say it...this could start a guild expensive one. 

Hotels were booked, cars were rented, money was saved. Aurongodx decided it was time for some guild swag! Business cards, Post cards, Magnets, Pens! The HKC was legit and always looking to add to our roster thus a littering campaign was planned to get our guild name out there at Blizzcon. A couple of us decided  to hit up Lilena Talem for badge commissions after seeing what an amazing job she did for Shebalo's Blizzcon badge last year.

Blizzcon week! One of our Horde counterparts Elfbane arrived first in Anaheim and enjoyed the spoils of the Hilton located directly next to the convention center. Someguy and his brother also managed to pull some strings acquiring a room there as well. The majority of us would not arrive until that Thursday before the con. Shebalo found a sweet deal at the Garden Grove Marriott about a 15 minute walk down the road from the convention center and most guild attendees followed suit booking rooms there or at hotels nearby.


Some would argue that the best day of all Blizzcon week is Thursday. You have badge pickup and the Blinkstore opening along with all the festivities that night at the Hilton with Con Before the Storm and the Wowhead Party. Last year we made the mistake of not acquiring enough tickets to the Wowhead party but this year that was not the case and we had more than enough for everyone. Our friendly neighborhood Beastcloud managed to make our party yet again this year and Moghedian also biked his way down to Anaheim to chill with the guild even without having tickets to Blizzcon.


A guild dinner was had at an Outback Steakhouse with many drinks and good times following at the various Hilton parties. We ran into our favorite horde rogue Nolarz, an old guildmate from our A Team core at the Wowhead party and a huge fight broke out following....just kidding! It is always great running into old friends and Noted's discord got a kick out of our selfies. Many drinks were had and everyone had an amazing time that went well into the night. Teed and his fellow Canadians arrived around this time and managed to stop by as our party concluded with more drinks in Someguy and Awesomerogues hotel room. We also managed to take first officer core photo...minus Laetus, maybe next year?

Many had high expectations for this years Blizzcon announcements but the day got off to a rocky start. The majority of us only got a few hours of sleep, combine that with the added security at the convention center and you are left with one of the worst lines getting into Blizzcon ever. Metal detectors were used for the first time this year and routes were not clearly defined which led to many different lines forming from the nearby hotels all funneling into one larger line. It took over 2 hours to get into the convention center if you got in line early and many missed the opening ceremonies due to this. Having a larger group this year meant that it was harder to keep track of everyone's location. The largest of these memes were "Where the hell is Veres". The guy spent more time at Jack in a Box than at Blizzcon I swear. 

There were some surprising announcements this year that many were not expecting. Obvious announcements being a Summer 2019 release date for World of Warcraft Classic and the playable floor demo but a crowd shocker was the Warcraft III Reforged announcement with a 2019 release date. Rebuilt from the ground up and with the Culling of Stratholme playable on the floor it was an amazing thing to experience first hand. New heroes for Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch were announced along with a new Hearthstone expansion and some sort of co-op hero thing for Starcraft 2. World of Warcraft announced further content patches with a new cinematic trailer. The largest disappointment would have to be the Diablo Immortal trailer. Only for mobile and no mention to any specifics regarding any other related projects in the pipeline led to actual boos during the following deep dive panel. All they had to do was mention that Diablo 4 was in production with a splash screen of the logo and I think Blizzard could have avoided this PR disaster.

This years fan wall was dedicated to Mike Morhaime given his upcoming retirement so instead of signing our names and HKC in huge letters over other signatures we decided to stake out small areas to leave our marks. Who knows what he will even do with such a thing but I am sure his house has room for it lol. Everyone in our group went about their own experiences day one, checking out demos, listening to panels, and watching Esports. Veres spent the day drinking in various hotel rooms occasionally popping his head into Blizzcon to say hello. Sadly not in attendance was Shebalo and Yeti due to her getting sick from the night before. At days end it was decided that a small group of us would continue the tradition of dining in at the Rosco's Chicken and Waffles located nearby.

Blizzcon day two was much more relaxing. Everyone from guild was in attendance and we even managed to get Veres to stick around long enough to complete the first ever Blizzcon Mythic Dungeon challenge! Granted it was fairly straight forward, you were given one hour to setup keybinds and macros to complete a Waycrest 5 in time. The prize was a poster...woohoo lol. One guild group managed to +2 the instance and another group easily +3'ed the dungeon. Drakeblade used clever game mechanics to acquire a second Blizzcon badge from an attendee and it just so happened it was a media pass! He kept the media pass for himself and gave the second pass to Mog allowing him to experience all of the day 2 festivities, good things come to those who wait! 

As always there is so much to do at Blizzcon it is hard to get around to each and every booth to experience it all. Last year each booth had quests to complete which rewarded Velcro patch swag for your backpack. This was easy incentive to explore the convention floor and visit every booth. This year however those quests were absent and prizes were pretty lame for what was required. Most booths had you tweet or hashtag advertisements all over social media and you got a water bottle or some random piece of junk. The Blizzard related booths rewarded exclusive posters that could then be signed by devs located all over the convention.

Some minor but entertaining editions to this years Blizzcon were the Starcraft beers which when you could find them were delicious however stayed sold out much of the time. The Darkmoon Faire had many new games offered showing off new merch such has the various Overwatch Nerf guns and the ever mysterious time capsule boxes which contained anything from past promotions or in-game codes such as the Spectral Tiger mount for example. Naturally this ended up being the longest line at the convention and when one person decided to buy all the boxes for himself, many that waited hours in line were upset. 

Nearing the closing ceremonies many of us got in our last minute visits to demo areas and vendor booths. Shebalo managed to hook us up with a media pass friend and we skipped the Overwatch line. We all worked together to build a HKC logo in the Lego area and with many photo ops involving Mercy cosplays along the way. The closing act this year was 3 different artists each taking up a different hall in the convention center. Train was the main act located in the main hall, Lindsey Stirling was located in the Warcraft Arena hall and Kristian Nairn in the Overwatch Arena. Naturally most con goers migrated toward Lindsey Stirling and the Overwatch Arena was at capacity by the beginning of the Hodor concert so needless to say they both killed it during the closing acts. Sadly but was to be expected was the main hall where Train preformed was pretty much empty. They are just not Blizzcon material but still were a solid performance. 


Most of us made our exit during closing ceremonies and all met for the second annual official post Blizzcon HKC guild dinner at the gourmet 5 star restaurant....Red Robin. It was a Veres thing. Granted they had no issues seating all of us and after spending hundreds of dollars or Canada money at the con it is nice to have a pretty decent dinner bill. Aurongodx decided to take his commissioned badge work and have a canvas made for the guild to sign at the dinner. Afterward we grabbed a few guild photos and parted ways. Most of us were headed back Sunday but 5 of us decided to stick around. As quickly as it was all put together convention crews were already there Sunday morning taking everything down. Some of us took the Sunday to catch up on sleep after a hectic 3 days while others spent time at Disneyland. The remaining crew of 5 had dinner in downtown Disney ironically at the same place where we all had our first meal last year. After a few drinks at the Hilton everyone said their goodbyes and it was back to reality. 

Blizzcon is an amazing experience. Sure there is everything Blizzard has to offer but for some of us its all about just getting to experience each others company in person makes the expense worth it all. They have already announced that there will be another Blizzcon in 2019 and of course that same day Shebalo changed the Facebook group chat to reflect that. We will see who will decide to show their face next year!

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